SATEX: Global impacts of hydrological and climatic extremes on vegetation 2014-2018

C-CASCADES: Carbon Cascades from Land to Ocean in the Anthropocene 2014-2018

COTrend: High resolution spatial and temporal trends in CO2 exchange between the

atmosphere and continental shelf seas. 2014-2017

River Carbon: Modeling inland water greenhouse gas fluxes 2014-2017

Past Projects:

Marine methane flux and climate change: from biosphere to geosphere.
VIDI award funded by the Dutch Science Foundation. 2005-2011

Geomicrobiology and marine gas hydrates.
Funded by the Dutch Science Foundation. 2008-2013.

EPOCA: European Project on Ocean Acidification (link)
Funded by the EU 7th framework programme. 2008-2012.

KAUST Center-in-Development: "Center for Soil, Waterland & Coastal Resources (SOWACOR)"
KAUST Global Research Partnership. 2008-2012.

BALTIC gas: (link)
BONUS European project on Methane bission in the Baltic Sea. 2008-2011.

BBB: Greenhouse gases and global climate: Past, present and future.
Funded by the Brussels-capital region. 2009-2013.

GEOCARBON Operational Global Carbon Integrated Observing Syst. (link)
EU large scale integrating project. European Communities. 2011-2014.

TIMOTHY: Tracing and Integrated Modeling of Natural and Anthropogenic Effects on Hydrosystbs:
The Scheldt River basin and adjacent coastal North Sea. Funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office. 2007-2011.

CASIMIR: ChAnges in the Scheldt Inner estuary of biogeochbIcAl cycles of caRbon and nutrients.
Funded by the Fonds de la REcherche Scientique (F.R.S. - FNRS). 2009-2012.

Fish carbonates - their nature and fate within the marine inorganic carbon cycle.
NERC grant NE/H010041/1, 2010-2013.

Weathering Science Consortium

Redox reactivity and bioavailability of iron oxides in the subsurface