Conference invitation:

The carbon cycle and the climate system are linked by an array of complex geophysical and biogeochemical processes. Elucidating how these processes operate and interact quantitatively is critical to forecast how terrestrial and marine ecosystems will respond to climate change. Thus the objective of the conference and workshop will be to synthesize the latest research and to identify knowledge gaps in our understanding of carbon dynamics in the context of a ‘boundless’ cycle that encompasses the terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments.

The conference will provide updated greenhouse gases flux estimates across spatio-temporal scales and review the recent advances in the fields of carbon cycle modelling and climate-carbon modelling. It will feature outstanding keynote speakers and will provide a unique forum for researchers and policymakers to learn about the latest research investigating interconnections between carbon cycle processes and climate change. During the workshop, four research fields critical to the understanding of the dynamic link between the terrestrial and marine carbon cycles and their integration into Earth System Models will be explored: (i) organic carbon decomposition, (ii) carbon, nutrient cycles and CO2 emissions (iii) sources and sinks of methane and (iv) improved budgets for a ‘boundless’ carbon cycle.

Contributors to the workshop have strong cross-disciplinary expertises, from mechanistic biogeochemistry of carbon dynamics in terrestrial and marine environments to integrated modelling of the global climate-carbon system.

4th October 2011
Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts/ Salle du Trône
1, Rue Ducale/ Hertogstraat 1000 Brussels - Belgium
(free entrance; registration required)

Workshop (participation by special invitation only)
5th - 7th October 2011
Domaine du Vieux Moulin
Eprave ( Rochefort ) - Belgium